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Roof Reviver

Roof Cleaning:

power washing roofHmm… maybe you’ve never thought about getting your roof cleaned. But have you noticed those dark stains? Or seen lichen or moss on your roof? That moss is causing damage. We use Roof Reviver™, “the Earth Friendly Roof Cleaner” to get your roof completely clean. Read more about the safety and earth friendly aspects of Roof Reviver.

  • Are you tired of those awful stains on your roof?
  • Are roof stains taking away from the beauty of the rest of your property?
  • Are you looking for a way to increase the life of you roof?

If you are wondering if you need a new roof or could just have your current roof cleaned, please contact us to find out.

* All information below is courtesy of the Roof Reviver™ Roof Cleaner Company.
Please visit their website for videos, photos and more details about Roof Reviver roof cleaning product.*

Quick Roof Cleaning Facts:

  • Did you know that roofs all over the world are being replaced many years too soon?
    Take a good look around your neighborhood. Almost every house has an ugly roof. Will your roof be affected? Most Likely, Yes!
  • Why the sudden explosion of roof stains?
    Shingle formulas have been slowly changing! As a result, roof stains are more able to attack and damage your roof. The appearance of stains is the first sign that problems are coming. Thanks to Roof Reviver(TM), there’s an affordable alternative to replacing your roof too soon!Award winning Roof ReviverTM prevents this type of destruction, and prolongs the life of your roof. The “Earth Friendly Formula” contained in Roof ReviverTM is safe for people, pets and plants. Once used, it breaks down into harmless minerals that do not pollute our environment like poisonous chemicals do. Roof ReviverTM works great on all types of shingles, wood shakes, barrel tile, concrete tile, and clay tile. From Florida to California, Roof ReviverTM is protecting homes all over America!
  • Important Consumer Notice:
    Only products approved for shingles are given a certificate from the testing manufacturer like Elk/GAF, the largest shingle maker in the world. Roof Reviver(TM) has met these strict standards, and proudly proves it. Don’t be fooled! Many roof cleaning products sold on the internet today are dangerous chemicals that can actually harm your roof. Simply put, “If a competing product hasn’t been approved by a shingle manufacturer, why use it?” We think you’ll agree!

Please visit the Roof Reviver™ website for more information. Thank you.

Many of us like to Do-it-Ourselves, but do you want to take the risk of climbing on your roof with a slippery heavy hose, on a ladder? Of course not. Let A.E. Home Improvements, experienced professionals take care of this difficult and dangerous job for you!

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